Saturday, October 06, 2007

Who am i and what i am for?

Hi, let me do it once for all, let me do links :)
(or here is my way in decentralizing human systems)
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My name is Erez Elul. I was hiding under the identity namzezam (which if spelled backward, gives ma ze zman, which if in Hebrew is sound, then means "what time is?")!

With that identity I escaped form being watched by people form the company Pile Systems Inc including their open-source arm at, which was taking out of me by force.

Oh That company, of which I am actually the major shareholder, but of which the CEO made all which he could for A) spaying my development of the p2pcomunities based on my invention (pile technology) at and B) trying to accuse me for his failures of manging the company, labeling me as both: paranoid and megalomaniac, for shutting me down and because of my legal power in the company hiding my existing from any potential investors, while C) claiming many fairy tells trying to twist the fact that I am the major shareholder of the company, of which he is (only) the CEO. I recognized his manipulations only after having with him a critical dispute over what should be the proper policy for licensing that pile technology, the technology I invented and developed alone (for to prove mathematically the howto and the benefit of breaking hierarchical structures while building them, for letting people think differently), since in earlier times we agreed upon it, but then he changed that policy, but still I was detminated to continue it, where the policy was to exclude as much as it is possible any agent of governments from using that tech. Well that left me homeless etc for such long time, but also happy because all of me was just of trying my best to use the time left over to me for, well, how to say it, changing the world :)

Well, while trying to find the right way to license (see also ftm and osl) with discussions also with rms, I came to well understanding that 6 years we are all under a massive cover up by all major media trying to hide the obvious fact and its related physics about the 911 events, namely the ONLY ONE factor of the SPEED of falling, which is that the SPEED was a FREE FALLING SPEED, which can not be denied and which proves A) that each falling floor, fall ONLY after the below floor was FULLY destruct, for providing for such SPEED the necessary luck of resistance from all the floors bellow, which B) leads to only control demolition, which C) appeared in sync with the hit of airplanes, considering the ability to plant the exclusive devices long (days) before the collapsing, all in plan beforehand. That one fact with those 3 logical statements are simply still ignored for example in the BBC.

In other words, after understanding the measure of centralization in which we are still leaving, I used my namzezam identity for to propose the constitution of its citizens, (see also this one), which is generally based on accepting the globalization as a living fact, but with rejecting its current centralization.

And then, that concept of constitution leaded me to the concept of common companies (in which the portion of all common shareholders acts like the states in the constitution).

And so now I opened the IsWth LTD company, which you are invited to take part in it and of it as its owners being its common shareholders.

Have fun. Decentralizing Human Systems is now in your hand, also in the commercial world.

gtgl (<---good time good luck)
and hope to see you there :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

This is the george orwell's 1984 era

FIRST, let me tell you that 3,196,766 people already saw THIS. It is The Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas most powerful 9/11 Documentary yet. They made the ONE video posted in your lovely internet, which triggered and still does a huge wave of people involved in understanding the 9/11 eventS!!! . Did you see it yet?

If you are in a rush, then
please have a snap short look at this, is this the look of controlled demolition? Were there explosives used? AND Please see also one trivial intelligent comment about the term conspiracy as it is proposed to be discussed by the bbc!!!

Academically speaking, please see this:
What is false flag?
Why war?

Why terror?

What pnac is about?
(In short, militarizing any system of governing or the globalisation as the final march to the "New World Order", dominated by Wall Street and the U.S. military-industrial complex)
What next

And NOW - Cartoon -oh? do not belive it -ops? well see it,
The pattern of obsession for same name, the bush-who or the sotry:
1. beginning in George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin;
2. continuing with the declassified information of Operation Northwoods;
3. for getting the context of what the cia is made of, or the connections via the cia, of Nixon , Kennedy (mfk) and Bush
4. and then, just for the fun of being updated, you can always try this one.

If you want see an Interview with former Boston Center Air Traffic Controller regarding 9/11,
for understanding by yourself the inside job of making the 9/11 events, from within the scene!!!

And according to the media you could see the David Shayler on Sky News 05th December 2006 - Topics discussed, the Litvinenko murder, 9/11 and 7/7. also here.

However and nowadays, please watch the so called Democrats!!! Especially watch Lee Hamilton acting in both committees, namely: the 9/11 and that of the iraq war. Is this interview ( taken place at Jul 7, 2006) changed his approach, hence made the bet of bush on him to be so fatal for bush ?
Also see Lee Hamilton hearing this.

You can also read the the
by the!!!

For how christian mind people are "looking forward to see the evidence" you can see more on Dr Griffin BBC1 Sunday 10 September 2006 interview about 9/11

Here are only 5 minutes of how is Problem Reaction Solution actually works, funny no?

And now:
In that 1984 book the "party" used the technic of deleting from any placeholder any information which do not match their view and then rewriting only what matches.

Here you can see more about this 1984 era in relatin to usa constitution in the view of its citizens.

And here you may be touched by a human voice.

And here please also see about, the 7/7, since On the 7th of July 2005 London was hit by a series of explosions and you probably think you know what happened that day. But you don’t.

Nowadays, whoever are the "party", are who use a technic different than that described in the book for achieving the same function.

Nowadays the technic is known as spinning and controlling the media cooperating together with the police and security forces. This technic is effective only because of the confusion resulted from the variety and magnitude of the information we are demanded to get involved with. It is done by pumping events, handeling their names and hiding their reasones!!! That is all which is required as long as it is constantly done, for to create what is relevant for you out of the mass of the information.

Then and as it is in the book, all which is missing is just forming the language and context for you, for controlling you.

Be aware, please do, the size of who we are matters, it changes what we are. As bigger is the scale, as huge it can get, is as evil it may become.

All what I can ask for is that each of us would master her/his profession and mind, that is all, beginning in journalists.

about the societies approch in front its governmental association approach.

Scientific Poll: 84% Reject Official 9/11 Story!!!

Suddenly 5 years after, also CBS News on 9/11 tell true
and this is a Banned BBC Documentary.
Those of you who trust Tv would get the news at last, until then would get poisoned, but for meanwhile let me tell you that something is ill in the system governing the Tv (the fox as e.g.) you trust and that the internet would reveal!!!
Here is the 911 Conspiracy In Plain Sight FOX NEWS Review CENSORED and COVERED!!!
Finally: Why Are Americans So Angry?

Please have the patience for to see these movies, it was interesting for me despite of the first feeling of "oh this I know".
some to begin with
but do not miss the latest summarizing of the controlled demolition!!!
you could read it if you wish,
but if you wish to begin artistically you may begin with this
but then again to make it sound well you could begin with this.

Here, even if you would not like the style, you could get an overall information with REASONABLE EXPLANTION!!!

You think you are civil, you may think you are wise, or that these are none of your business, but please STOP DOUBLETHINK!!!

Well, what do we about it. We begin act in communities free from unwanted brothers. How do we do it. Well virtually toward reality and back until initiating a complete satiable formation of growing out communities. Nice, but we are watched do not we. Yes virtually we are, therefore let us begin in this.

Soon we will have it running, still it is one man doing and support is welcomed.

gtgl ( Good Time Good Luck )

skull etc and how they are controlling your mind!!!

and about the: skull & bones

----take it, at the end!!!

or get it here



see also this



and please hand it over to anyone which you respect, if you you think it is important for you.

p2pcommunities. There you can leave your private message as anonymous or also add your contact for getting my private response. Thanks again.